Lexington Pet Place is an independent, locally-owned pet store and boutique located in the historic downtown area of Lexington, Virginia.  We sell pet food, pet supplies, and gifts for those who love their pets.

In our live animals section we carry a wide variety of reptiles, birds, tropical fish and Betta.  And, of course, all the cute, small, furry things like hamsters and bunny rabbits that you could imagine.  We don’t sell dogs or cats, but we do work with our local SPCA and Cats Unlimited for adoptions.  We encourage our customers to adopt cats and dogs from these local shelters or to purchase one from a reputable breeder. Then come and see us and we will help you take care of your newest “family member”.

Store owner, Cindi Jacobs, believes in respecting all living things. At Lexington Pet Place we know that your pets depend on us to help keep them clean, healthy, safe and happy. We try to carry everything you need to properly care for all of your pets.  If there is something special that you want and don’t know where to find it, please ask.  We will be happy to work with you and custom order something if necessary.

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